The psyop behind the projection pushing America into fragmentation is deliberate and financially backed by billionaires and managed by our own intelligence agencies.

The media fuels the projection. The Democrats practically legislate the projection. While a spoiled American generation of digital zombies consume the projection leading to a host of actions pushing the downfall of western civilization.

What causes a man to shoot a 6 year old girl and her Father in the back over a basketball rolling into his yard? Is it merely psychosis brought on by generational systematic oppression as we would all be lead to believe by the O’Biden Administration? Or was repeat violent offender 24 year old Robert Singletary, who has since been arrested, an unwitting disciple of the marxist propaganda agenda projected into the minds of his generation?

This new generation of anger based on pseudo beliefs has been constructed by the very rot within the American Government that JFK was unable to obliterate. What may seem to be instances of random violence based on psychological profiling accumulates into fifth generation warfare. Warfare described in the year 2000 declassified U.S. Navy’s “Psyop Operations in the 21st Century ” manual. Utilizing a PSYNET database to communicate with the hidden PSYOP community to intensely target sections of the American population. Until what appears as rebellion against the system. Is actually the system itself. Until, In the words of Sun Tzu “One need not destroy one’s enemy. One need only destroy his willingness to engage.”

By Mark

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