Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed his dismay over the “disturbing” fact that many conservatives are reluctant to get the coronavirus vaccine.
In a Sunday appearance on NBC’s “Meet The Press”, Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases, attacked skeptical Trump supporters who are unwilling to take the experimental mRNA COVID vaccine.

“I want to talk about vaccine hesitancy here,” host Chuck Todd began. “We are seeing a bigger divide by politics. We talked about it earlier. For instance, among Trump voters, 47% have said they will not be vaccinated, 30% say yes, and half Republican men say they’re not going to take this vaccine. You have the PSA with all the former presidents except one, President Trump, in there. Do you think he needs to be enlisted here at all to get his voters to take this vaccine?”
“Chuck, I hope he does because the numbers that you gave are so disturbing, how such a large proportion of a certain group of people would not want to get vaccinated merely because of political consideration. It makes absolutely no sense, and I’ve been saying that for so long,” Fauci replied.
A frustrated Fauci then described taking the experimental shots as a “no-brainer”, scoffing, “What is the problem here?”
“We’ve got to dissociate political persuasion from what’s common sense, no-brainer public health things. The history of vaccinology has rescued us from smallpox, from polio, from measles, from all of the other diseases. What is the problem here?” he said.
“This is a vaccine that is going to be for millions of people. How some groups would not want to do it for reasons that I just don’t understand. I don’t comprehend what the reasons for that is when you have a vaccine that’s 94% or 95% effective, and it is very safe. I don’t get it,” Fauci added.
This comes after the NIAID chief recently admitted that the human population was essentially being experimented on with the COVID mRNA vaccines.

Fauci’s inability to comprehend that Americans have the right to make their own health choices is alarming to say the least.
Some Americans happen to be aware of the numerous reports of side effects and even deaths from the various COVID-19 vaccines that have been rolled out in just a short period.

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Owen covers the shocking admission by Anthony Fauci that the mRNA vaccine is being used to experiment on the global population.

Original Story: Fauci: ‘So Disturbing’ That Trump Voters Skeptical Of Experimental mRNA Vaccine

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