The U.S. Capitol Police issued an actual permit for Trump supporters to demonstrate on the U.S. Capitol Grounds on January 6, 2021, evidence is now showing, but they are refusing media inquiries for details. This is what newly-analyzed evidence obtained by National File reveals.
This new evidence shows that:
(1) the grounds of the U.S. Capitol — normally open to the public — were open to the public on January 6, 2021, and were not closed,
(2) demonstrators arrested for being on Capitol grounds (not for entering the Capitol) are innocent and should be acquitted,
(3) demonstrators did not go from the Ellipse area of the Washington Mall near the White House to the U.S. Capitol at then President Donald Trump’s suggestion and
(4) former President Donald Trump is innocent of inciting anyone to go from the Ellipse to the U.S. Capitol, because the 1:00 PM demonstration at the Capitol was already planned independently,
(5) the U.S. Capitol Police likely had weeks of advance notice not merely if they reviewed social media or the news, or read email warnings from the FBI, but from their own review of the application for a permit, alerting them that enormous crowds were planning to gather on the grounds of the Capitol at 1:00 PM., but curiously failed to prepare.
National File has reviewed again video taken in the Northeast corner of Capitol grounds across 2nd Street, N.E., from the U.S. Supreme Court.
The video very briefly shows porta-potties set up on U.S. Capitol Grounds. They were at the exact spot where the demonstration had been announced as early as December 23, 2020. What this new re-analysis caught is that the porta-potties could not be placed on U.S. Capitol grounds without the permission of the U.S. Capitol Police from issuing a permit for a very large demonstration.
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This previously-overlooked detail — a line of Trump protestors waiting to use the facilities — seen in person also by this author, is confirmation that the U.S. Capitol Police issued a permit for the January 6 pro-Trump demonstration. It is also confirmation that the U.S. Capitol Police knew the demonstration would be very large.
This writer, as Executive Director of the White House Defense Fund, led an event on September 23, 2020, on the Southeast corner of the U.S. Capitol Grounds to present 250,000 petitions to sanction Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff for their dishonest handling of their first impeachment of President Donald Trump. We had a permit from the U.S. Capitol Police. But our event was not large enough to require porta-potties. Only a very large demonstration crowd would require that accommodation — paid for by the organization.
Furthermore, on January 6, 2021, a church choir was also set up and singing Christian praises on U.S. Capitol Grounds halfway between the Capitol and the Library of Congress original building to the Southeast, across 2nd Street, S.E. Video taken for National File contrasts back and forth the choir on one side and the rowdy demonstrations on the other as a curious aspect of the January 6 demonstrations.
However, further analysis of the contrast between a church choir praising God across from demonstrators shouting outside of the Capitol revealed a further detail: The church choir was set up with chairs and sound equipment that again would require a (probably different) permit from the U.S. Capitol Police.
In the experience of the White House Defense Fund, every detail had to be disclosed and confirmed. The U.S. Capitol Police would not allow us to put anything on the grass for fear of harming the grass without a previous approval. We were required to hire qualified movers to place and install our risers (portable stage) and set up the sound equipment, subject to strict details and requirements. Therefore, the church choir’s bank of chairs and sound equipment indicate a permit issued by the U.S. Capitol Police in the Southeast corner of the Capitol grounds. And they indicate that a company had to set up the choir’s location at the U.S. Capitol Police’s direction.
However, unlike the U.S. Park Police. which was very cooperative and answered National File immediately, the U.S. Capitol Police is refusing to answer media inquiries about such permits being issued. This author went back to our contact who had issued the permit for the White House Defense Fund on September 23, 2020. She responded immediately, referring National File’s inquiry to the media office. National File has repeatedly renewed its request for information to that public information office, including leaving phone messages, but has been ignored. National File cannot find any other reporting on the existence of a permit for the January 6, demonstrations at the Capitol.
As late as December 23, 2020, if not earlier, the demonstration at the U.S. Capitol was independently planned. Note that this website page was captured as it was as of December 23, 2020:

In this video clip, a line of pro-Trump demonstrators is seen waiting to use the porta-potties on U.S. Capitol grounds, which could not be possible without a permit from the U.S. Capitol Police, with a very quick shot of the porta-potties shown at about time stamp 0:18 seconds.
Note: Video taken on January 6, 2021, although the voice inaccurately says 2020.

A slightly longer version of 3 minutes is available on RUMBLE at LINK —

The inaccurate but dominant narrative that demonstrators were launched by Trump’s speech from the White House demonstration planned for 9:00 a.m. to assault the U.S. Capitol is undeniably false.
Conventional wisdom ignores the fact that the demonstration at the Capitol for 1:00 p.m was planned and announced first and that demonstrators had always planned to go to the Capitol. Plans for the Capitol demonstration were already in place, more prominent, and announced before the idea of gathering between the White House and the Washington Monument.
Thus, when Donald Trump mentioned saying that “I know…” people will be heading to the Capitol, he was referring to the previously-planned demonstration on the U.S. Capitol Grounds at 1:00 p.m. Trump was not telling anyone to do anything that they weren’t already planning to do.
It is also uncertain who could hear Trump’s speech on that windy morning to crowds estimated at between 500,000 and 1 million stretching as much as 1.7 miles from the White House.
This reporter at the Ellipse found that the sponsoring organization had set up two banks of massive speakers. However, the left-hand bank of speakers (looking towards the White House) and the right-hand bank of speakers were out of sync, and were conflicting with each other. Therefore, it was very difficult to understand what anyone was saying, including Donald Trump. This author had to shuffle through the crowd to find a place where he could listen to the left-hand bank of speakers without interference from the other bank. It is unknown if anyone who went to the U.S. Capitol could hear what Trump was saying, as Trump’s accusers assume.
Only those wearing ear buds might have been listening on a portable radio or smart phone. (Trump critics claim that a Proud Boys member was seen wearing an earpiece, suggesting something sinister rather than simply listening to the radio to monitor the progress of news events.)
Although no one affiliated with National File entered the Capitol or crossed police lines on January 6, 2021, reporters and volunteers for National File respectfully observed the demonstrations at the Ellipse and outside the U.S. Capitol building, feeding news back to this publication as events were unfolding or shortly after. (Alerts on cellphones through the emergency network ordered a curfew for 6 blocks around the Capitol announced around 4:00 PM to start at a time after that. National File reporters complied and left the area of the Capitol at that time.) National File did break the news of Ashli Babbitt’s murder (in this author’s attorney opinion) by skilled reporting, obtaining video from a source who had been there inside the building.
National File requested from the U.S. Park Police copies of all permits applied for and/or issued for demonstrations on January 5 and 6. The Park Police responded to our media inquiries with copies of the permits (the complete file) for the events at “Black Lives Matter Plaza” on January 5, and at the Ellipse on January 6 at 9:00 AM.
As an additional note of curiosity, this author also encountered the so-called Q Shaman outside of the Capitol, apparently before he entered the Capitol. Jake Angeli, who showed absolutely nothing concerning Q, came to the January 6 demonstration shirtless, wearing a viking helmet with horns and long fur tails, strange symbolic patterns on his chest, and apparently a necklace of bones. When Angeli was wandering around outside the Capitol, he stopped abruptly and cat-called a group of three young, attractive Trump supporters, yelling “Trump, baby!” and then wagged his tongue in an obvious lewd, sexually suggestive gesture. Even though Angeli clearly infiltrated Trump protests starting over a year ago, this author from observing his behavior, dress, and speech close up within about 10 feet concludes he was never a Trump supporter, and may have been attending events for unknown reasons.
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Original Story: Are US Capitol Police Hiding Permit for January 6 Demonstrations?

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