UPDATED 11:33 AM PT – Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Congressman Chip Roy (R-Texas) pushed back against Democrats’ sweeping election reform bill on the House floor. While speaking Tuesday, he said the left is pushing a narrative that all Republicans that oppose the legislation are “bigots.”
Roy claimed Democrats are not trying offer debate on the bill. Instead, he said they seem more focused on slamming it through while labeling lawmakers that oppose it as “racists.”
“The argument being distilled on the floor today is that republicans, that my colleagues and I, that we are bigots …
“Heaven forbid we want to use voter identification; heaven forbid we want to honor the will of the people”
Rep. Roy on Democrats’ HR1 election takeover bill: pic.twitter.com/XvNPqqNYeR
— Rep. Chip Roy Press Office (@RepChipRoy) March 2, 2021The election bill, known as H.R.1, would be the most radical overhaul of U.S. election law in decades. Republicans have said the changes are unconstitutional and violate Section Four of Article I in the Constitution by imposing federal rules on how states make election laws.
Roy’s remarks came as the House Rules Committee met to discus the bill, which could give Democrats the ability to remove Republican seats from the House.

Original Story: Rep. Roy: Democrats won’t negotiate on H.R.1

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