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Even though no longer in the White House, President Trump will continue his efforts to drain the swamp. This time, the Trump campaign is starting a new political action committee, one they hope will rival the most influential political action committees of both parties.
This isn’t the first Make America Great Again PAC. In 2015, Trump ally Leslie Caldwell founded the first Make America Great Again PAC, but it was a super PAC. Super PACs are political action committees with less fundraising restrictions, which allow large corporate donors to give millions of dollars to campaigns.
While then-candidate Trump campaigned promising to drain the swamp, he had no interest in having a super PAC attached to his campaign.
“Super PACs are a disaster, they’re a scam,” President Trump stated. “They cause dishonesty and you better get rid of them, because they are causing a lot of bad decisions to be made by some very good people, and I’m not blaming these folks, but I guess I could.”
President Trump had the Make America Great Again super PAC shut down in 2015, the same year it was founded. The new Make America Great Again PAC will allow the Trump campaign to fundraise more money than a single presidential campaign, and help his allies running for congressional seats.
1/ NEW: Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign committee has a new name and new designation. It’s now “Make America Great Again PAC,” and will operate as a political action committee, per a filing with the @FEC. pic.twitter.com/c9Un78UbdZ
— Dave Levinthal (@davelevinthal) February 27, 2021The MAGA PAC cannot receive funds from any unions or corporate treasuries. This means the money going towards the Make America Great Again PAC will contribute to a pool of money, primarily raised by everyday citizens who support President Trump and his policies. Now these same supporters will have a place to individually contribute up to $5,000 a year to a MAGA PAC.
This could stand toe-to-toe with the super PACs and dark money groups, which control many politicians on Capitol Hill and currently in the White House.
“You better get rid of the super PACs because they’re causing a big problem with this country, not only in dishonesty and what’s been going on, but also in a lot of bad decisions that are being made for the benefit of lobbyists and special interests,” President Trump stated.
This latest rebranding by the Trump campaign will look to combat the “swamp’s” biggest advantage, their money.

Original Story: Trump campaign becomes ‘Make America Great Again’ PAC

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