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South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) said it was the government that crushed the American economy, not COVID-19. During her speech at CPAC Saturday, Noem stated the pandemic is just one factor of the “problematic puzzle” from 2020. She also took aim at other state leaders and said their restrictive measures correlated to the crippling economy.
“Rather than looking to the past to help improve our future, some are trying to wipe away the lessons of history.” Gov. @KristiNoem #CPAC2021 #AmericaUnCanceled pic.twitter.com/AzIsBx53n1
— CPAC 2021 (@CPAC) February 27, 2021Additionally, Noem condemned China and said the country covered up the virus by welding doors shut to force families to stay in their homes while placing religious minorities in internment camps. She added “friends of China are not friends of freedom.” In the meantime, the Republican governor explained South Dakota was the only state where not one single business or church was forced to close.
“Let’s always remember, America is good. Freedom is better than tyranny. We are unique. We are exceptional.” Gov. @KristiNoem #CPAC2021 #AmericaUnCanceled pic.twitter.com/2nAhFRxTEY
— CPAC 2021 (@CPAC) February 27, 2021She said governors shouldn’t have the power to decide which businesses are essential and which are not. Noem explained her administration looked at the science rather than trying to control the virus at the expense of bigger issues.
“We never focused on case numbers,” Noem noted. “Instead, we kept our eye on hospital capacity. Dr. Fauci told me that I would have 10,000 COVID patients in the hospital on our worst day. On our worst day, we had a little over 600.”
“America needs conservatives at the state and local level, but we also need conservative leaders at the highest level of government.” Gov @KristiNoem #CPAC2021 #AmericaUnCanceled pic.twitter.com/ya5HykQsJx
— CPAC 2021 (@CPAC) February 27, 2021She also criticized the media and called their coverage of the Mount Rushmore State a lie. In her speech, Noem specifically pointed to the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and said he was praised in the media despite his involvement with the nursing home scandal. The South Dakota governor said America needs leaders with wisdom, confidence and the will to act. She added “those leaders need to be conservative.”
Gov. @KristiNoem explains why America needs conservatives. #CPAC2021 #AmericaUnCanceled pic.twitter.com/mokRdSxpsl

Original Story: S.D. Gov. Noem blames government policies for economic damage during pandemic

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