UPDATED 3:00 PM PT – Monday, March 8, 2021
The Pentagon said it has no plans to change its food supply after several National Guard troops fell sick from undercooked meals.
Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said on Monday they do not plan on changing food vendor contracts, stating the facilities have cleared inspections. This came despite nearly 60 National Guard members falling ill, with several even hospitalized after being fed undercooked and inedible meals.
Just last week, dozens of those meals were thrown out after metal shards were spotted inside.
“Yesterday for instance there were 74 different meals with raw beef in them. Just yesterday the lunches, soldiers had found metal shavings in their food,” a whistleblower from the Michigan National Guard said. “But these meals are, and this is what they say on the little placard, there good for four hours. No it’s not. It wasn’t good from the start and now it’s had hours to become even more dangerous.”
Several lawmakers have been calling on the Pentagon to demand better care and treatment for our National Guard troops and to replace the current meal provider. However, defense officials said they will continue to use the same food contractors to address the concerns.

Original Story: Pentagon: No plans to change food contracts after National Guard troops hospitalized from undercooked meals

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