Gab CEO Andrew Torba has revealed the names of two of the four banks who cancelled the New Tech company after media smears: NBT Bank and City National Bank of Florida.
Last month, Gab CEO Andrew Torba revealed that the New Tech site had been banned from three different banks in the space of three weeks. On Friday in a statement posted online, Torba confirmed that yet another bank had banned the site from its services. “It’s getting to the point where we are seriously considering buying our own bank,” Torba said. “Funny how this started happening right when Biden got into office,” he added.
Following National File’s reporting, many readers were concerned as to why the banks had not been named in the original articles, with some wanting to know which banks they were as to engage in a boycott against them, and others insinuating that the reporting was false and Torba was lying. On Saturday, Torba responded to a leftist Twitter user who claimed he was pushing “Christian cancellation fear porn” or that the banks had banned Gab for other reasons, such as a lack of credit.
In his response, Torba dropped the name of two of the four banks that banned Gab, those two being NBT Bank, which mostly operates in the northeast of the country, and City National Bank of Florida. Tweeting from the Gab account, he said that the other two banks in question would be named “once the money we have in the accounts is out,” suggesting that he has now managed to completely sever ties with the two named.
Two of the four banks that banned Gab:
Will name the others once the money we have in the accounts is out.
Here’s my credit:
— (@getongab) March 6, 2021
As National File reported, Gab had been banned from the four banks due to media smears against the company, with one of the banks expressly confirming that they were banning the New Tech site because of “all the bad things the media has written” about them, claiming that they are “a haven for extremists” or lead to violence.
Speaking exclusively to National File, Torba encouraged anyone who believes in free speech to “seek out Christian banks and local credit unions, and to stop doing business with banks that do not share or support American values.” He argued that it won’t be long before “churches, businesses, and individuals who refuse the woke orthodoxy of critical theory that has consumed every corner of our culture” will also be refused service by banks. “We must proactively cancel them all before they cancel us,” Torba concluded.
It is unclear whether NBT Bank or City National Bank of Florida were the bank that expressly confirmed they had banned Gab from dealing with them because of media smears.
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Original Story: REVEALED: Andrew Torba Names Two Banks Who Banned Gab After Media Smears

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