Joe Biden Sending ‘Senior Officials’ on Secret Trip to the Southern Border
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Charlie Spiering
5 Mar 2021
President Joe Biden is sending a group of senior administration officials to the border, the White House revealed Thursday.
“President Biden has asked senior members of his team to travel to the border region in order to provide a full briefing to him on the government response to the influx of unaccompanied minors and an assessment of additional steps that can be taken to ensure the safety and care of these children,” White House spokesperson Vedant Patel said in a statement reported by The Hill.
But important details of the trip remain secret, including who is going and where they will go, with the Biden administration citing security reasons for keeping details of the trip secret.
The secret group of officials is also blocking any press access to their sojurn.
A White House aide confirmed to Breitbart News the trip is closed to the press.
President Biden and his administration face increasing criticism for rolling back key measures employed by former President Donald Trump to slow the migrant crisis at the Southern border, leading to a surge of unaccompanied minor migrants who want to come to the United States.
Patel said officials plan to provide the public a summary of the visit once it concludes.
The trip is an attempt to reassure the public the Biden administration is handling the crisis at the border the president has said is not a crisis.
Republicans remain furious the Biden administration is purposefully creating a rush on the border by rolling back Trump’s policies and sending public messages to migrant teenagers the border is open to unaccompanied minors. Republicans also raised the alarm of the Biden administration’s failure to properly test and quarantine migrants released into the United States who have the coronavirus.
Critics from the left are furious with the Biden administration for reopening detention camps that were closed during the Trump administration.

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Original Story: Joe Biden Sending ‘Senior Officials’ on Secret Trip to the Southern Border

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