Biden’s Energy Sec Granholm: ‘I Drive on Sunshine’
Pam Key
5 Mar 2021
Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm (D) said Wednesday on ABC’s “The View” that with her solar-powered house suppling the power to charge her Chevy Bolt, she was driving on “sunshine.”
Co-host Joy Behar said, “So, since the last administration — we will keep them nameless right now— wasted four years not caring about the condition of the planet they leave behind for my grandson and other people, future generations, I’m thrilled, thrilled, that this administration is taking climate change seriously. I mean, I really worry about stuff like that; it keeps me up at night, but many people still don’t — they think that the price tag for green initiatives is too high. Who or what do you see as the biggest obstacles now in making real change?”
Granholm replied, “Yeah, I mean, first of all, Joy, thanks for this question. I mean, Joe Biden has said when he hears the words ‘climate change,’ he thinks of jobs, and the opportunity here for Americans in every pocket of the country to experience both the benefits of cost reduction as a result of clean energy, as well as jobs, is so exciting. It’s why I’m so honored to be part of this because the mission here is about deploying clean energy and about creating jobs all over the country, all kinds of jobs for all kinds of people, and with respect to cost, I mean, just as one example, Joy, I mean, I drive a Chevy Bolt, which is an electric vehicle. I don’t have to buy gasoline. The average person who gets an electric vehicle saves $600 a year because you don’t have to fill it up. I have solar panels on my house. So I drive on sunshine. That’s a fantastic technological advancement, and that’s what the Department of Energy is all about, is solutions like that.”
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Original Story: Biden’s Energy Sec Granholm: ‘I Drive on Sunshine’

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