“It’s a really sophisticated operation that’s going on at the border,” Davidson explained. “These people aren’t coming by accident. There’s massive amounts of money that are changing hands. There’s incentives involved, and the Democrats and the Biden administration are juicing those incentives. They’re the ones who are creating the incentives through their policies, and then the smugglers run with that.”
While many on the left see the border as a place for “performative moral outrage and virtue signaling,” Davidson said that corruption and cartels run amok, causing danger to migrants and U.S. citizens, and will continue to threaten the nation if left unresolved.
“The United States cannot just allow the Central American countries and Mexico to just implode because it creates irresistible incentives for those people to come north and to get into the United States to be able to provide for their families,” Davidson said. “We can’t have failed states on our southern border and in Central America. It is not a long-term sustainable solution. We are going to have and continue to have border crises forever until we can figure out a way to help those places stabilize and reduce some of those incentives for people to come north.”
Read more of Davidson’s reporting on the border here.
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Original Story: Yes, There Is A Crisis At The Border

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