FNC’s Carlson: ‘Hunt for White Supremacy Justifies All’ Including Injuring Children, Scaring Parents into Silence
Jeff Poor
4 Mar 2021Wednesday, Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson examined how teachers’ unions were using “equity” to keep children out of school.
According to Carlson, those efforts have resulted in the allegations of “white supremacy” being used to justify closing schools.
CARLSON: We’re in reporter mode tonight here with some key stats on your government. Here they are: 42 days into the administration and still no solo press conference from Joe Biden. That is the longest stretch of silence from any new President in at least a century.
So by refusing to speak directly to the media, Joe Biden is attacking our most cherished democratic norms. Even CNN is complaining about it. And we would echo those complaints if we really cared. But honestly, we’re just as happy that Joe Biden remains in seclusion.
Imagine a full press conference from Joe Biden, an endless hour of blank spots and mumbling and his wife interjecting with the right answer. How depressing would that be?
It is one thing to know your country is being led by a guy in cognitive decline. It’s another thing to see it and we don’t want to see it. And what will reporters ask anyway?
We got a taste the other day when one shouted this as Biden shuffled by: “What did you learn from your classified briefing on border security?” That was the question, Joe Biden’s answer, “A lot.” That was it.
Now do you believe him? Did Joe Biden really learn a lot now or at any time in the past five years? Come on. As we said, the whole thing is too sad to watch, so we’re not going to.
Instead, we’re happy to listen to Joe Biden’s flaks. They hold the press conferences now.
In the last month, Joe Biden’s mouthpieces have had to explain why he bombed Syria, why he blocked the passage of a $15.00 minimum wage, why Dr. Seuss is racist, and then in their spare time, Joe Biden’s scribes produce an awful lot of presidential proclamations.
They’re heavy on the proclamations in Washington these days, a lot of proclaiming. One of Joe Biden’s very first was entitled “An Executive Order on Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities through the Federal Government,” end quote.
This was the document that introduced the administration’s new Equity Plan, which is going to — and we’re quoting, “Eliminate systemic barriers to opportunities and benefits for people of color and other underserved groups.” It’s quite a mouthful. But what does it mean? Has anyone asked what it means? Or did everyone in Washington just graduated from Yale and intuitively understand sloppy, meaningless words like this. Possible.
But the rest of us might still like to know what a systemic barrier is and how Joe Biden plans to eliminate it. That’s easy, with equity, of course. But that raises a whole new question, what exactly is equity? And how is it different from equality? Equality being the central principle this country was founded on.
Well, the first thing to know about equality is that it is designed to challenge power. Equity, by contrast, is designed to protect power. Equity is what the British monarchy had. Equality is what the American colonists wanted.
Equality is what allowed Andrew Jackson to rise from a childhood of bitter poverty in the Carolina woods where he was born in 1867, and make it all the way to the White House.
Andrew Jackson was tough, smart and energetic. He lived a remarkable life and America rewarded him for it. That’s equality. People like that, rising to the top.
Equity is the opposite. Equity is what allowed Kamala Harris, the privileged child of two PhDs, to stay privileged, and in the end to become one of the most powerful people on the planet, despite having achieved nothing impressive or worthwhile over the span of 56 years.
So, Andrew Jackson and Kamala Harris, both Democrats, one child of equality; the other the child of equity. That’s the difference in a nutshell.
So to recap, equality challenges power; equity protects power. That principle has never been on starker display than in the case of the teachers’ unions, which is some of the most powerful institutions in America. Naturally, you are using the term equity to justify their own prerogatives as they hurt the weak, in this case, school children and their increasingly desperate parents.
Last night, we told you what the President of the Los Angeles Teachers Union, an equity promoter called, Cecily Myart-Cruz.
For months, parents whose kids use public education in Los Angeles have been begging Cecily Myart-Cruz to reopen the schools, and why wouldn’t they?
How has Cecily Myart-Cruz responded? Well, by demanding those parents shut up immediately. Those parents, she explained, have the wrong skin color. Therefore, unlike entitled unionized teachers who can never be fired, those parents have privilege.
CECILY MYART-CRUZ, PRESIDENT, UNITED TEACHERS LOS ANGELES: Some voices are being allowed to speak louder than others. We have to call out the privilege behind the largely white, wealthy parents driving the push for a rushed return.
Their experience of this pandemic is not our students’ families’ experiences.
CARLSON: Calling out the privileged, says the lady who can literally never be fired from her job no matter how she acts including like that. Never mind the hundred percent increase in suicides among school-aged children, Cecily Myart-Cruz is not interested in that.
She is interested in equity, which means she is interested in protecting her own unearned privilege by attacking the people below her.
What do the parents and children being attacked think of this? Well, Cecily Myart-Cruz wouldn’t think to ask them because she doesn’t care.
So yesterday, FOX Los Angeles reporter, Bill Melugin, stepped up and asked them himself, and here’s what they said.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It’s almost like minority families want the school to open more than anybody else, and the reason why I say that is because education for us, for our culture, is a stairway out of poverty.
So every day that our children is not in school, that’s just a day closer to poverty for them.
CARLSON: Lamar Freeman coaches, a youth football team called the LA Rampage. He told Bill Melugin that every parent he spoke to wants his or her kids back in class. Now, these parents are not racists, they just want their kids educated.
LAMAR FREEMAN, YOUTH FOOTBALL TEAM COACH: Most of our kids before the pandemic, we had 80 percent honor roll rate. Now, since the distance learning Zoom precedent, it dropped to about maybe 20 percent, like most of my A’s and B’s kids are getting B’s and C’s.
CARLSON: So purely because the most privileged government workers in the United States won’t have to work, an entire generation of children is being destroyed. That’s equity, the strong hurting the weak and calling it justice.
Everyone who thinks about this for just a moment knows that it’s true and that’s why you never hear equity debated or even defined. They won’t define the term because they can’t defend its definition.
Instead, they bully the population into silence. Cecily Myart-Cruz and the teachers’ unions are doing that right now.
Jorge Ventura of The Daily Caller has obtained a recent e-mail sent by someone who identifies himself as Albert Lowe, an employee at the Los Angeles Teachers Union.
Now, there is an Albert Lowe, who works at the union. We called him tonight, though he didn’t pick up to confirm that he sent the e-mail in question.
This e-mail was addressed to a mother who has publicly called a couple of times for reopening schools in Los Angeles, and the e-mail from the union apparently demands to know what race she is, quote, “I’m working on a research project on who speaks on union issues in the Los Angeles Times and coding for race and class,” it begins, “You were quoted twice in the last eight months in the paper. Could you tell me how you racially self-identify or point me to a citation on your identity,” end quote.
Now, what could possibly be the point of this? Seriously? Why is a parent or a child’s skin color relevant in any way to what is supposed to be a medical question, whether the public schools reopen? Well, there’s of course, there’s only one point to this. It is racial intimidation.
We saw you complained, tell us your race.
How is that not a violation of our civil rights laws? Of course, it’ll never be prosecuted or even criticized by anyone in power, because the teachers’ union is doing it, and they’re doing it in the name of equity.
The hunt for white supremacy justifies all including injuring children and scaring their parents into silence. It’s not just happening in schools. We’re seeing this everywhere in our society right now.
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Original Story: FNC’s Carlson: ‘Hunt for White Supremacy Justifies All’ Including Injuring Children, Scaring Parents into Silence

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