UPDATED 6:15 PM PT – Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is calling for fellow Republicans to block Joe Biden’s nearly $2 trillion coronavirus relief package. On Tuesday, McConnell continued his attacks on Democrats for attempting to push the bill through Congress without Republican contribution.
Less than 9% of Democrats’ spending plan would go to directly fight COVID-19. Less than 1% to vaccinations.
This isn’t a recipe to safely reopen America. It’s what Democrats promised almost a year ago: Taking advantage of the crisis to check off unrelated liberal policies.
— Leader McConnell (@LeaderMcConnell) March 2, 2021He accused Democrats of taking advantage of the budget reconciliation process and trying to sidestep the Senate filibuster. McConnell also said they are trying to push proposals that are unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic.
“So, we’ll be fighting this in every way that we can. It is my hope that, in the end, Senate Republicans will unanimously oppose it just like House Republicans did,” McConnell stated. “I think it’s noteworthy to know we’re in the House. The only thing bipartisan about the proposal was the opposition to it.”
Senators are gearing up to vote on the package, which is expected to hit the Senate floor as early as this week.

Original Story: Sen. McConnell: Democrats are jamming us with COVID-19 relief

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