Williams opened the segment about the Capitol riot hearings by calling Johnson a conspiracy theorist shortly before showing a clip of the senator reading an excerpt from a Federalist article detailing a witness account of what happened at the Capitol riot.
“We’re going to talk about Ron Johnson, the rare conspiracy theorist who is a regular on ‘Meet the Press,’” Williams said. “The paper back home is accusing him of whitewashing Jan. 6.”
In the clip, Johnson explains that some of the people infiltrating the Capitol appeared to be plainclothes militants, provocateurs, fake Trump protesters, and a disciplined, uniformed column of attackers.
Despite Johnson’s commitment to calling out Democrats and the corrupt corporate media for lying about the Russian collusion hoax to hurt former President Donald Trump, Williams also joked that the senator from Wisconsin was merely regurgitating Russian disinformation.
“As I always say, we paid extra to have those translated from the original Russian,” Williams said after the clip of Johnson concluded.
Brian Williams intros a clip from Congress yesterday, with epic shade saying “…Ron Johnson, the rare conspiracy theorist who is a regular on Meet the Press…”
shows clip then: “We paid extra to have those translated from the original Russian…” pic.twitter.com/yt5RRvwIWw
Contrary to Johnson’s rigorous attempts to discover and tell the truth about the role the CIA and FBI played in peddling the Russia investigation, dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane,” Williams has a track record of lying. In 2015, Williams was pushed out of his job at NBC News after he lied about being aboard a helicopter in Iraq that was shot down. As Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis wrote:
For over a decade, NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams repeatedly and deliberately lied about being shot down while on a helicopter in Iraq. Yes, a helicopter was shot down. But Williams was never on it. He was 30 to 45 minutes behind it on a completely separate helicopter. He was never in danger. His helicopter never took gunfire. Brian Williams was never in danger. And yet, for over 12 years, he blatantly lied about it.
Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.
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Original Story: MSNBC’s Brian Williams Uses Russian Collusion Conspiracy To Smear Ron Johnson For Capitol Reporting

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