Rioters lobbed fireworks at Washington, DC cops and tried to storm into a precinct during a second night of violence sparked by the death of a black man who crashed while being followed by police.

Several officers were injured when a firework exploded right next to them, Fox 5 said — with video shared online showing protesters yelling death wishes on a line of officers before the device was thrown.

“I wish hate for all of y’all,” one woman could be heard screaming at the officers. “I hate all of you motherf—ers. Eat a d— and die! I hope all of your mothers and fathers f—ing have strokes in their sleep.”

The firework appeared to land right at the feet of one of the cops, exploding right underneath him.

“Holy s–t! That f—ed up a cop!” someone could be heard gasping on the clip.

Other footage showed dozens of protesters banging on the doors as they tried to bully their way into the 4th District police station.

Police eventually used spray and flash bangs on protesters to move them back after also being attacked with rocks and bricks, NBC Washington said.

The protests were sparked by the death of Karon Hylton-Brown, 20, who was not wearing a helmet when he crashed a Revel Electric Moped into another car while being pursued by an unmarked police car, which is against DC police policy, Fox 5 said. He was pronounced dead Monday, three days after the accident.

His mother, Karen Hylton, was at Wednesday night’s protests, angrily demanding to meet with Mayor Muriel Bowser amid chants of “Justice for Karon.”

The video of the unmarked car following her son showed them “basically hunting my son down, like a wild animal,” Hylton told NBC reporter Shomari Stone.

D.C. police classified Hylton-Brown’s death as a traffic fatality, NBC said.

“We are coordinating with the Department of Behavioral Health to provide the family with the space and trauma-informed support they need to view the body-worn camera footage,” Deputy Mayor of Public Safety and Justice Roger Mitchell told NBC.

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