(Natural News) There’s no end in sight to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, with President Donald Trump even testing positive for the disease early in October. As COVID-19 continues to spread across the country, more citizens are stocking up on essentials.

According to a poll, some Americans are even preparing for a possible “civil war.”

“The most frightening poll result”

The poll, which included results from the “Back-to-Normal Barometer” survey, was conducted by three firms: Engagious, Sports and Leisure Research Group and ROKK Solutions.

The poll results showed that over 61 percent of survey takers believe America is nearing a second civil war, with 41 percent who “strongly agree” with that assessment.

Results also showed that 52 percent of the responders are convinced that the civil war is imminent and that they’re already stocking up on food and other supplies. Fueling these fears is the frequent and recent COVID-19-induced supply shortages experienced by shoppers throughout the country.

Rich Thau, president of Engagious, shared that this “is the single most frightening poll result” he has ever been associated with.

While other surveys looked at America’s political and economic state since the coronavirus crisis hit, this was the first one to raise “majority concerns about a potential war.”

Aside from the pandemic, the 2020 presidential race is heating up. At the same time, Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters and rioters are heading increasingly violent protests in various cities.

In some cities like the Washington suburbs, major stores including Sam’s Club and Costco, are reintroducing limits on popular products like bottled water, canned foods and paper goods.

Ron Bonjean, a partner at ROKK Solutions, explained that the firm has been conducting surveys of consumers and employees since the beginning of April “to help industries make strategic decisions in the month ahead.”

Bonjean added that current data indicate an alarming trend that the extreme political polarization of the U.S. has a majority of Americans worried that the country is “ready to explode into a Civil War.” (Related: The seeds have been planted for the next American Civil War. I don’t think anything stops it now.)

Americans are also worried about the election results

People are also worried about the legitimacy of the upcoming presidential election. They have also expressed their worries about how “an outcome that appears tainted” could aggravate America’s already frayed psyche and trigger more violence in the streets.

Another YouGov poll 1,999 registered voters showed that 47 percent of the participants disagree with the idea that the election “is likely to be fair and honest.” A little more than half or 51 percent won’t “generally agree on who is the legitimately elected president of the United States.”

The YouGov poll was conducted on Oct. 1-2, with a margin of error of +/- 2.56 percentage points.

A YouGov poll of 1,505 voters revealed that 56 percent of participants are worried about “an increase in violence as a result of the election.” The question had a margin of error of 4.2 percentage points.

A lot of Trump supporters have also voiced their concern over the election’s legitimacy, which is linked to the largely unproven claims Trump has raised about potential fraud involving millions of mail-in ballots that have started arriving at offices across the nation.

Braver Angels, which commissioned the YouGov poll, also released a “Letter from America,” a national campaign that encouraged citizens, civic groups and religious organizations to pledge that they will refrain from violent tactics and respect those who voted differently.

“If in the near future we face a constitutional crisis in which our institutions cannot produce consensus on who is the legitimately elected president, we resolve to work together across this chasm for solutions grounded in the Constitution and guided by our democratic and non-violent traditions and our sense of shared destiny,” read the letter.

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