While America is distracted by one Democrat disaster after another, the scope of unchecked human trafficking on the southern border intensifies.

The threat of terrorism accelerates. And the tsunami of drugs leaves a wake of the dead. Meanwhile, We are merely 2 months into 2022 and already 5 journalists have been murdered. The deadliest in over a decade.

There is an eerie parallel between the modus operandi of Cartel media propaganda in Mexico and the current state of U.S. propaganda due to the gradual watering down of the smith Mundt act.

Mexican Cartels have installed assignment editors who disseminate what can and can’t be broadcast. Investigative reporters are hunted down and killed if they get too close to the truth. While Cartels regularly brainwash the public with reports of the Cartels benevolence.

This is similar to how propaganda currently works in the U.S. But the cartels are in Washington DC and Silicon Valley. The media works in favor of our corporate captors selling us a pre approved narrative that no one is buying. While presenting our abusers as our saviors. We are a third world Country in a First World husk.

By Mark

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