UPDATED 2:25 PM PT – Thursday, March 18, 2021
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Joe Biden has squandered U.S. national wealth by giving $1,400 dollar stimulus checks to illegal aliens. Democrat media attempted to fact check or censor Cruz by saying illegals couldn’t get stimulus checks because they do not have a social security number.
However, immigration officials refuted Democrat falsehoods that said many illegals who have overstayed their visas actually do possess social security numbers and are in fact eligible for IRS payments.
CRUZ/DURBIN: Sen. @tedcruz calls out Sen. Dick Durbin for failing to apologize for calling him a liar on the issue of $1400 checks being sent to undocumented immigrants. pic.twitter.com/QAVZTgRXQo
— Forbes (@Forbes) March 18, 2021“All 100 members of this body were misinformed by the Democrat senator that no illegal aliens would receive stimulus checks, but once the facts have been made clear, I hope my friend from Illinois will show the same principle ‘Newsweek’ showed,” Cruz stated about Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). “To apologize, to say he was wrong and sorry for calling me a liar on the Senate floor and then going to Twitter to do so twice.”
Sen. Ted Cruz: “It is clear and indisputable that a significant number of illegal immigrants will receive checks and are receiving checks right now.” pic.twitter.com/7ANLMcU0b0
— The Hill (@thehill) March 18, 2021Cruz added Democrats have continued to play dangerous identity politics while ignoring the risks of the irresponsible immigration and fiscal policies.

Original Story: Sen. Cruz: Illegals do get stimulus checks, Democrats are wrong

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