UPDATED 9:01 AM PT – Friday, March 12, 2021
Portland, Oregon Mayor Ted Wheeler said he’s seeking $2 million in police funding to address rising gun violence in the city. According to reports Thursday, there have been 20 homicides in the city so far this year compared to only one the same time last year.
The move by Wheeler came after Portland leaders voted to cut around $16 million from the police budget last year. The cut included the elimination of a gun violence reduction unit.
Reports earlier this week noted budget analysts recommended adding police funding in order recruit 30 new officers. The current budget cut 84 full-time positions from the police bureau.
Meanwhile, at least one person has been arrested after Anitfa protesters attacked a federal courthouse in Portland. On Thursday, the group attempted to force their way into the building while smashing a window and setting a trash can on fire. This occurred less than one week after officials removed a physical barrier that was put in place in response to last summer’s riots.
When police arrived, the far-left activists taunted them and threatened to burn the building down.
Antifa has been pushed back across the street
Things are pretty tense right now to say the least pic.twitter.com/zuLbuWqGR3
— 🐺FVCK ©️ommies🐺 (@fvckcommies) March 11, 2021This attack came days after Oregon Democrat Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley refused to go on record condemning Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots in the city.

Original Story: Portland mayor seeks funding for police after police budget slashed last year

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