Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene is set to release a bill calling for a full moratorium on migration into the U.S. and several other America First immigration measures, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal.
In addition to the moratorium, the bill would also reinstate hallmarks of the Trump presidency: the zero-tolerance policy, termination of chain migration, constructing a wall on the southern border, and more.
The bill focuses on protecting American workers and national security, as the moratorium would last throughout Joe Biden’s presidency and until Americans are able to return to work. The bill would also do away with Biden-era executive orders that have allowed for crime and human trafficking to increase at the U.S. border and reintroduce Trump-era policies.
Taylor-Green’s legislation comes as President Biden’s relaxation of Trump’s policies triggered a crisis at the border, including increasing durations of stay for unaccompanied children past the federal limit and over 100,000 migrants attempting to cross the border in just four weeks.
The bill also shortens the removal period for illegal aliens from 90 to 30 days, strip “sanctuary cities” of federal funding, and terminate Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
Concerning the southern border, the bill would either improve existing portions of wall or construct new panels through a 22-billion-dollar fund housed at the U.S. Treasury Department.
To enforce the variety of strict measures, Rep. Taylor-Greene would prohibit financial aid to countries whose citizens are either detained or deported by the U.S.
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Original Story: EXCLUSIVE: Taylor-Greene Bill Calls for FULL Biden Immigration Moratorium, Cessation of All Migrants into USA.

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