“I think the impact is going to be worse than predicted,” Higgins said. “There’s still a lot of stuff we haven’t dealt with like the enormous amount of debt the federal government has racked up in terms of paying out relief to people that hasn’t been reckoned with.”
“The move towards automation which is going to cut off some jobs that some people simply had to do … mental health issues that haven’t been gotten the time to be properly treated for people being stuck at home or forced to do things other than they would,” Higgins continued. “The time, the amount of education which will be lost.”
Unions, Higgins said, also play a large role in the labor market and affect how it will recover.
“The unions are very good at sort of promoting this idea and talking about how what’s good for them is good for everybody,” Higgins said. “They’re politically savvy and well-organized. They know how to leverage things, how to use their power, and they’re able to get their way a lot of time.”
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Original Story: After A Year Of Lockdowns, The Labor Market Is ‘Worse Than Predicted’

By Mark

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