MS Gov. Reeves: Biden ‘Wants to Insult Americans and Insult Mississippians’

Pam Key
7 Mar 2021
Governor Tate Reeves (R-MS) called out President Joe Biden Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” for insulting Americans in referring to ending mask mandates as “neanderthal thinking.”
Reeves said, “The fact is that in our state, throughout this pandemic, our approach has been to not only protect lives but to also protect livelihoods. We have to get our economy rolling so individuals can get back to work, and I think that is critically important. Let’s talk a little bit more about the data. The fact is that at our peak, we had 1,450 Mississippians in hospital beds because of the virus. Today, that number is below 400. At our peak, we had 360 Mississippians in ICU beds.”
“At this point, that number is below 120,” he continued. “The fact is we have seen significantly reduced levels. And, oh, by the way, unlike President Biden, who wants to insult Americans and insult Mississippians, I actually trust Mississippians to make good decisions. They have proven throughout the last year that they can do so. That is something that I think is very important. The fact is the numbers don’t justify government interaction at the levels that we are seeing in other states.”
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Original Story: MS Gov. Reeves: Biden ‘Wants to Insult Americans and Insult Mississippians’

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