FNC’s Pirro on Gov. Cuomo: ‘He Is Your Classic Serial Predator’ Who Grooms His Victims
Trent Baker
5 Mar 2021
During Friday’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” FNC’s Judge Jeanine Pirro sounded off on the mounting accusations of sexual misconduct by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).
Pirro blasted Cuomo as a “classic serial predator” who grooms his victims. She called for him to be removed from his position as New York’s governor because he is “out of control.”
“Look, here is the bottom line — he is your classic serial predator. He starts by grooming these victims, and we know of three so far. I guarantee you there are more and more of them,” Pirro declared. “He lies. He brought her into his office, during the workday. He asked if she was comfortable being intimate with a man. He told her that she was not too young for him. He told her that she was lonely. I mean, he did everything but actually engage in an act with her. That is the use of power in a workplace setting that is the essence of sexual harassment. And make no mistake — he didn’t apologize for it, he wasn’t sorry for it. And to lend credibility to this complaint, she made an immediate outcry to chief of staff, to chief counsel. He knew about this. Did he apologize to her? I didn’t hear it. Did you hear it?”
“And with respect to the other victims, in this case, he said he never touched anyone in a way that was unwanted. The picture of that girl, the young woman who’s on the front page of the Post, she was petrified as he’s biting his lip, holding on to her face telling her he wants to kiss her. This guy is an out-of-control sexual serial predator. He’s got to be taken out of Albany, and the sooner that happens, the better,” she added.
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Original Story: FNC’s Pirro on Gov. Cuomo: ‘He Is Your Classic Serial Predator’ Who Grooms His Victims

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