U. of Washington Launches ‘Center for Antiracism in Nursing’
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Alana Mastrangelo
4 Mar 2021
The University of Washington (UW) has announced that it will be launching a “Center for Antiracism in Nursing” that will focus on addressing “systemic racism” in healthcare.
“Systemic racism has for generations undermined the health of individuals and communities across America, a public health crisis that has made the pandemic even more deadly and destructive for people of color,” begins the announcement, posted to the university’s website.
The statement goes on to say that because the university realizes nurses “hold major responsibility for the health of individuals and communities hit hard by historic racial inequity,” the school will be creating the “Center for Antiracism in Nursing.”
“There is much work to do to become antiracist, not just as a society, but as a school, a university, a profession and a community,” said Azita Emami, the executive dean of the University of Washington School of Nursing.
“As the cornerstone for healthcare and advocates for the communities they serve, nurses are in the ideal position to do this work,” added Emami. “The need to end racism is long overdue and nurses must do their part.”
According to the announcement, the center will seek to cultivate “antiracist teaching practices, academic curriculum and professional development,” promote “community-driven and partnered research,” and apply “antiracist principles to clinical practice, organizational operations and health-related policy.”
“As a University, we recognize the need to combat the systemic racism that results in poorer healthcare and worse outcomes for black, indigenous, Latinx and other communities of color,” said University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce.
“This new center is an important component of that broader effort and will significantly advance the UW School of Nursing’s work to increase equity in healthcare and health outcomes for communities of color,” Cauce added.
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Original Story: U. of Washington Launches ‘Center for Antiracism in Nursing’

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