Joe Biden Praises Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Admire the Devil Out of You’
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Charlie Spiering
4 Mar 2021
President Joe Biden warmly embraced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a video conference with House Democrats Wednesday night.
“Nancy, I love you. There’s no one I’d rather work with than you,” Biden said, and added, “I admire the devil out of you.”
Biden made comments about Pelosi after she introduced him via video at the House Democratic Caucus Virtual Issues Conference.
Pelosi said the United States is “blessed” to have Biden as president, citing his “empathy, grace, and courage.” She also cited his experience in Washington as an asset.
“Now more than ever, we need a battle-tested, forward-looking leader who will fight for the people,” she said.
Pelosi also praised Biden’s global leadership.
“President Biden is a distinguished world leader who commands the respect of allies and adversaries alike,” she said.
Pelosi spoke about her grandchildren, who were also fond of the president.
“My grandchildren have for many, many years have been long-time friends of Joe Biden … all of them love Joe Biden,” she said.
Pelosi recalled a story about two of her grandchildren, who would use a “magic word” phrase, “Open Biden,” to open doors when they were playing games.
“Open Biden,” she said with a smile. “I love it.”
After praising Biden, Pelosi mistakenly introduced him as the “45th President of the United States.” The 45th president, of course, was Donald Trump.
Biden followed Pelosi by enthusiastically celebrating her political career.
“I’ve been here a long time, and there’s been no speaker [of the house] that’s been your equal, although there have been some great speakers,” he said.
The president thanked Pelosi for her friendship and his relationship with her family.
“We’ve been friends a long time, and your whole family, your daughters,” he said. “And it’s just been a great relationship.”
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Original Story: Joe Biden Praises Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Admire the Devil Out of You’

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