The U.S.-China Education Trust, which has collaborated with Chinese Communist Party propaganda fronts and trained journalist from state-run media outlets, counts involvement from “fact check” website Politifact founder Bill Adair, and President Biden’s “right hand” on China Kurt Campbell.
Founded in 1998 by the first Chinese-born U.S. Ambassador, the U.S.-China Education Trust (USCET) hosts various journalism programs aimed at advising Chinese Communist Party-run media outlets and journalism schools.
As the group boasts, it co-hosts programs with the Party School of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party – “the supreme ideological training ground for party cadres and a prerequisite for any official interested in joining the elite political ranks of China’s ruling class” according to Foreign Policy magazine.
USCET has also partnered with “more than 70 of China’s top universities” and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, which has seen affiliated researchers lose American visas due to “spying fears” from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
What’s more, the group holds conferences that have repeatedly enjoyed participation from the Secretary-General of the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), an organization that is part of the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front effort which, according to the U.S. government, aims to “co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and “influence overseas Chinese communities, foreign governments, and other actors to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies.”
The group’s former Executive Director Paul Boesen also served as a Senior Adviser to the U.S.-China Strong Foundation, which works with Confucius Institutes and is funded in part by the Bank of China.
Politi-buro Facts.
The group hosts a China-based ‘Journalist in Residence’ program, allowing American journalists from establishment outlets such as The New York Times to live in China and work alongside state-run, Chinese Communist media outlets.
Among the outlets American journalists work alongside are China Global Television Network and China Central Television – both described as “long-standing weapons in Beijing’s arsenal of repression” designed “to attack designated enemies of the Communist Party.”
What’s more, the site’s informational page prominently displays a participant smiling at Youth Daily, the official newspaper of the Shanghai branch of the China Communist Youth League.
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In 2012, the group’s Journalist in Residence was the founder and contributing editor of Politifact Bill Adair.
Politifact – blasted by Donald Trump as a “totally left-wing group” – is the go-to fact-checking service for many big tech companies such as Facebook and YouTube.
The website is also used by other reporters to confirm or deny stories, and Politifact primarily appears to target the political right.
Adair also “delivered remarks to plenary sessions” at a conference hosted by USCET’s Media Education Consortium (MEC) – a network of “nearly 40 of China’s leading schools of journalism and communications” – all of which are state-run.
The annual conference, which sees American journalists offer their expertise to reporters at state-run outlets like CCTV, China Daily, Xinhua, and more, also includes lectures from professors at institutes such as the People’s Liberation Army Nanjing Institute of Politics.
Adair is now the Knight Professor of Journalism & Public Policy at Duke University and is still listed on the Politifact website.
Politifact once attempted to “fact check” a National Pulse story about Kamala Harris and her husband’s law firm’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Politifact ended up admitting that The National Pulse did not make the claims their “fact check” headline claimed we made.
Politifact admits The National Pulse reporting was fair and accurate.
Commie Campbell.
Kurt Campbell, President Biden’s “right hand” on China, formerly served on the advisory council of the Beijing group.
“We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Kurt on board,” said USCET President Julia Chang Bloch in a press release. “The wealth of experience and insight he will bring are going to be tremendous assets as we continuously improve our programs in China.”
Campbell also spoke on a panel at the group’s to celebrate its 20-year anniversary which featured special remarks from Chinese Communist Party-linked Elaine Chao.

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Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters
Raheem Kassam is the Editor in Chief of the National Pulse. Natalie Winters is a Senior Writing Fellow.

Original Story: EXCLUSIVE: Politifact Founder Was “Journalist in Residence” at Chinese Communist Influence Group.

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