Friday, in an interview that aired on Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called the level of radicalism in the modern Democratic Party was one of watch he had not seen in his lifetime.

McConnell described efforts of Democrats to increase power to be part of that radicalism.

“I do, and that’s an incredible number of jobs,” he said. “And of course, even though he says now he’s against, he’s not in favor of banning fracking, that is exactly what he said during the contest for the nomination. That would, of course, destroy an additional record number of jobs. So I think, Hugh, it’s pretty obvious these guys are hard left these days. Change the filibuster rule, admit D.C. and Puerto Rico as states, giving them four new Democratic senators in perpetuity, packing the Supreme Court even though Justice Ginsburg said just last year nine is the right number. This is a level of radicalism I’ve not seen in the Democratic Party in my lifetime.”

Later in the segment, McConnell defined more elements of the Democratic Party’s “radicalism.”

“Let me tick it off: Radicalism is eliminating the filibuster, admitting two new states that will certainly elect Democratic senators to give them control long-term, packing the Supreme Court,” McConnell added. “And once they get through doing that, then they’ll turn their attention to the economy, and they’ll raise taxes and overregulate like they always do.”

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