Joe Biden already flip-flopped on his fracking stance once he set foot in Pennsylvania, and after taking some heat for comments made at the final debate about “transitioning away from” the oil industry, he’s trying to do that again.

Since Biden remains in his basement and has a total of zero campaign events scheduled with eight days until the election, his deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield was out to play defense.

During an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, she said “Look, as Joe Biden said on the debate stage, he is not going to end the fossil fuel industry, he’s going to end subsidies for the oil industry. He believes that your taxpayer dollars should go to education. Donald Trump believes that they should go to Exxon. That is a contrast and a conversation and that we’re willing to have any day.”

Whether or not you buy that defense depends on if you believe what Biden’s campaign manager says, or what your own hears heard Biden himself say.

Host Chuck Todd followed up asking “If you work in the oil industry, if you believe that fracking has been good for the economy … long-term Joe Biden doesn’t sound like a supporter of those industries, so why shouldn’t folks think, ‘You know what, Donald Trump’s going to be more supportive, not Joe Biden.’” She only had a rehearsed talking point to reply with: “Let’s be really clear about something, Chuck. There is only one person in this country who Joe Biden thinks should lose his job and it’s Donald Trump.”

During debate Biden also challenged Trump to provide evidence that he ever said he would ban fracking. Biden tried to pretend that he had only said that fracking should be banned on federal lands. That defense raises the obvious question; if you think fracking is bad, why would you only want to ban it on federal lands?

Regardless, the Trump campaign delivered immediately with a video compilation of all the times Biden said he’d ban fracking.

How could Kate spin that? We’d love to see her, or anyone else from the Biden campaign try.

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