Kamala Harris was in Asheville, NC on Wednesday for a campaign rally, but almost nobody showed up.

The cameras, upon zooming out and panning around at the get-out the vote event, showed just six people present. If there were more people attending, they did not appear on camera, and crowd sounds were not audible.

According to Brietbart, the Asheville event had had to be rescheduled due to concerns when two members of Harris’s staff tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

A similar event in Charlotte was also postponed for the same reasons.  Harris is due to speak in that city, less than two hours from Asheville, later on Wednesday.

North Carolina is considered to be a hotly contested state in the upcoming presidential elections.

Harris in her speech talked about the pandemic, saying that it revealed what was wrong with the nation in many ways, while also criticizing the way it was handled by the Trump administration.

She also talked about issues such as the vacant Supreme Court seat, which Republicans want to fill with Amy Coney Barrett and Democrats want to leave vacant as long as possible.

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